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Labyrinth Walks and Talks
Mike Rose Two Stones Kneeling walk.jpg
Cordelia teaching blackboard.jpg

Cordelia Rose is available to give lectures and workshops on or off-site.  Participants are given a brief history of labyrinths; learn the difference between a maze and a labyrinth; how to draw a labyrinth and make a labyrinth; the uses of, and ways of walking a labyrinth.  Individuals or groups of visitors are welcome to come and walk the labyrinths by appointment.

Contact Cordelia.

Maypole Dancing in the Labyrinth
maypol closeup smaller.jpg
Maypole dancing photo smaller.jpg

Gatherings at Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths, sometimes include a maypole dance in the Classic labyrinth. Wide lengths of ribbon are woven, furling and unfurling around the maypole, as participants move through the labyrinth.

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